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Speaking Engagements


Arbitration of Patent Disputes’, European Patent Lawyers’ Association (EPLAW) (4 December 2020)

Back to Basics: Make Arbitration Flexible (Again!)’, Café des Arbitres (17 November 2020)

Bankruptcy & Competition Law – Arbitrator’s Perspective‘, Vienna Arbitration Days (21-22 February 2020)

L’évolution du Règlement IBA et son application en pratique‘, Paris Bar (19 February 2020)


GAR Live Stockholm, panel ‘Are main hearings too short?‘, Stockholm (21 May 2019) (

IPDC Vienna Conference on ADR of Disputes Involving Trade Secrets, panel ‘Trade secrets disputes in litigation, arbitration, mediation‘,  Vienna (10 May 2019) (

IPDR – UCL – WIPO – CIPCO Conference on IP and ADR, panel ‘IP & ADR in the Life Science Industry‘, London (1 May 2019) (

BIAC – SCC Conference on ‘The Future of Renewable Energy‘, Opening Speech, Bucharest (8 April 2019)

Global Pound Conference panel ‘Le contentieux financier face à l’arbitrage et aux MARD : quelles résistances ?‘, Paris (4 April 2019)


Freshfield’s Women in Arbitration and International Law Breakfast, Vienna (6 December 2018)

Kyiv Arbitration Days, panel ‘Enforcement of Ethics: Overeager Regulators?‘, Kyiv (14 September 2018)

CILS International Arbitration Symposium, moderator, panel ‘International Arbitration and Competition Law‘, Salzburg (7 to 10 June 2018)

CIArb, Europe Branch, Dutch Chapter, panel ‘Evidence in International Arbitration‘, Rotterdam (24 May 2018)

GAR Live Atlanta, panel: ‘Due process in the US – Who’s in charge here?‘, Atlanta (6 March 2018)


Second CARDS Centre for Advanced Research in Dispute Settlement (CARDS) Tour de Arbitration, Singapore (13-17 December 2017)

CIArb YMG Conference, ‘Navigating through Common law and Civil law waters in International Arbitration: Young Perspectives from Europe and the Americas‘, panel: ‘industry perspectives‘, Paris (6 December 2017)

Arbitral Women IBA Breakfast Seminar, ‘Innovative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms: curse or blessing?’, Sydney (9 October 2017)

6th Construction Projects from Conception to Completion Conference, panel: ‘Are FIDIC forms worth their popularity?’, Brussels (15 September 2017)

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